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102-85 KILL TEAM: CHALNATH. Adherents of the Greater Good, the T'au Empire have expanded into the Vedik System, allying with the local planetary governors. Their efforts begin to unravel when an Adepta Sororitas ship arrives, and the Sisters of Battle attempt to wrest control of the system. Kill Team: Chalnath lets you take part in the guerilla ....

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Update: Version 1.4 > Version 1.5 "The big leadership update". Hey folks, So during the last month after our initial release, we restrained ourself with rebalancing Killteam 9. In the meantime we had a full season of Online-Leagues and gathered enough data and feedback to make this update that should also function as a balance patch.

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Nov 04, 2021 · 4th Nov 2021. Kill Team: Chalnath. Kill Team: Chalnath. The Product Offer: Kill Team: Chalnath is the first expansion to the new edition of Kill Team (launched over the summer with the Kill Team: Octarius boxed set). As an expansion for Kill Team, this boxed set provides 2 all-new specialist kill teams for use in game, including 10 all-new ....

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